Running Physiology part 3 – lactate threshold

Part 3 – Lactate Threshold  In parts one and two of this series, I dissected the theory of VO2max and explained the significant challenges that have been mounted against it.  In order to answer these challenges, physiologists have advanced several … Continue reading

Central Governor Model

The most enduring model of endurance physiology is the Cardiovascular/Anaerobic model.  Initially suggested by British physiologists A.V. Hill and associates in the mid-1920s, this model has been promoted by scientists, coaches, and athletes world-wide for nearly 80 years.  This model … Continue reading

Do high lactate concentrations actually improve performance?

Do High Lactate Concentrations Actually Improve Performance?  If you read popular running books or magazines you have most likely been exposed to the term lactate threshold.  Those books and magazines have likely advised you that in order to improve your … Continue reading