Does increasing mileage make for a faster marathon?

Does increasing mileage make for a faster marathon?   Runners training for a marathon are typically advised to increase their weekly mileage in order to perform optimally.Why do runners, and marathoners in particular, focus on mileage so intently?  Is increasing mileage … Continue reading

Do all runners benefit from increased mileage?

Do all runners benefit from increasing mileage?  Runners are often advised that the number one thing they can do to improve performance is to increase their weekly mileage, up to as high as 100 miles per week.  However, research on … Continue reading

Base building versus High intensity – a research study

Base Building vs. High Intensity – a research study  One of the most enduring and intriguing ideas in endurance training lore is the concept of base building.  Runners are frequently advised to ”build a base” or to return to base … Continue reading

Do high lactate concentrations actually improve performance?

Do High Lactate Concentrations Actually Improve Performance?  If you read popular running books or magazines you have most likely been exposed to the term lactate threshold.  Those books and magazines have likely advised you that in order to improve your … Continue reading

Singe Set versus Multipe Sets – new research

Single Set versus Multiple Sets: new research – A debate has raged for more than 40 years between proponents of high intensity, single set resistance training (aka HIT) and volume training advocates.  Is HIT superior to multi-set training, as the … Continue reading