Does strength training improve running performance?

Should runners strength train?  Will weight lifting make you a faster runner?  Will it protect you against injury?  These questions come up often and each time they do it sparks considerable debate as to whether resistance training provides any benefit … Continue reading

Do increases in VO2max cause performance to improve?

If you have read any popular literature then you’ve heard that increasing your VO2max is an important goal of training because a higher VO2max causes performance to improve.  Running books devote chapters to discussing VO2max and how to train so … Continue reading

A comparison of the 5 training elements

There are 5 primary training elements that comprise a training program and influence endurance performance:  frequency, intensity, duration, volume, and specificity.  Do all 5 elements influence performance equally or are some more important than others?  Conventional training wisdom often suggests … Continue reading

Central Governor Model

The most enduring model of endurance physiology is the Cardiovascular/Anaerobic model.  Initially suggested by British physiologists A.V. Hill and associates in the mid-1920s, this model has been promoted by scientists, coaches, and athletes world-wide for nearly 80 years.  This model … Continue reading

A physiological explanation for 30 years of marathon training advice

A physiological explanation for 30 years of marathon training advice  The Jan/Feb 2007 issue of Running Times magazine (RT) contained a very interesting article by Jonathan Beverly titled “30 Years of Marathon Training”. In this article Jonathan examined the marathon … Continue reading