Strength training lore is often full of opinion and short on science.  In the strength section I review and analyze applicable strength training research in an attempt to bring my readers the most up to date physiological insight, theories, and facts.  Whatever your strength training goals may be you’ll find science and research based articles written to help you best meet those goals.

Strength Physiology

The strength physiology section is where I review and discuss physiological topics related to strength and bodybuilding training.  I cover topics such as muscle fiber types, motor unit activation, muscle protein synthesis, and other similar physiological topics.


Strength Training

The strength training section is where you will find reviews of research training  and advice based on that research.  While it is useful to understand muscle physiology the real test of any physiological theory is whether it is supported by actual training research.  My goal with this section is to bring you the most up to date training methods supported by training research.